Written things

A collection of thoughts written down over the years, including very large interludes. As with history, these should be read in the context of the time they were written in.

Mistakes are all mine.

  1. Animating height: auto

    Ever tried to animate or transition the height of an element that has dynamic dimensions? It's frustrating and unsatisfactory. Here are two strategies to make it better. —

  2. Docker on macOS without Docker Desktop

    Since Docker Desktop is no longer free (in some cases), this is a quick way to get Docker engine working on macOS without having to think about licenses. —

  3. Revealing text-overflow: ellipsis

    It's great to use text-overflow: ellipsis to save our layouts from content that is too large, but it makes that content inaccessible. Is there some way to make this "less bad"? —

  4. Making a spinner

    A simple SVG and CSS solution when you need your own custom spinner —

  5. Flyweight proxy

    What to do when a trusted programming pattern doesn't fit the problem? We use cool JavaScript tools, of course. Reducing memory usage and making UI more responsive in one go. —

  6. Vertical reordering in CSS

    Abusing transform: rotate() for changing the order of DOM elements —

  7. En and Em dashes in KDE

  8. Tabs, done right

  9. Why I want to beat Java with a stick

  10. htmlspecialchars() for JavaScript

  11. Making YUI ButtonGroups behave

  12. Getting the category ID in WordPress

  13. Making sprites

  14. Too big to work?

  15. Testing for outline CSS support with jQuery

  16. Moving to WordPress

  17. Back to HTML?

  18. Google Wave

  19. HTML 5

  20. UK Government backs Open Source

  21. Layout systems

    When floats no longer cut it for layout; looking to take CSS to the future —