Hi, I'm Nelson.

I make computers do things they don't want to — usually, so that humans who use computers can do things they want. Occasionally, because it's fun.

I worked as a developer for nearly 30 years, mostly trying to make the Web a bit less painful to use. I am now the software development manager at Zaptec, where we try to change the world for the better by creating a more sustainable, electrical future. ⚡️

Latest things I've written

  1. Animating height: auto

    Ever tried to animate or transition the height of an element that has dynamic dimensions? It's frustrating and unsatisfactory. Here are two strategies to make it better. —

  2. Docker on macOS without Docker Desktop

    Since Docker Desktop is no longer free (in some cases), this is a quick way to get Docker engine working on macOS without having to think about licenses. —

  3. Revealing text-overflow: ellipsis

    It's great to use text-overflow: ellipsis to save our layouts from content that is too large, but it makes that content inaccessible. Is there some way to make this "less bad"? —

You can of course see the whole list of ramblings